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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

I'm in FL for a week of vacation so it will be the middle of next week until I can actually accomplish something on the bike. I ordered new seals for the motor and new rings since I broke one taking the motor apart - duh. First order of business is to finish welding stuff on the frame - headlight mount, "luggage" mounts (boxes to hide gas bottle, water pump and battery). Decided to paint the frame gray and the fenders black ... kinda like it is now. I've grown accustomed to seeing it this way. The forks and handlebars will be gray, too, so all the non-brass shiny stuff will go away. I guess I need to paint the crank set, too. By the time I get home, a new water feed solenoid (bought the wrong one first time - another duh) should have arrived plus a time delay relay for the water feed system. I really shouldn't need anything else besides a battery and a switch and some antique looking pedals. Haven't found those yet. Anybody have a suggestion what will work on my Micargi crank set?
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