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Default Re: Another newbie first build.

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
Umm.. if the clutch is in the piston and any motor gears for that matter should NOT be moving...
Are you saying your piston bounces around loose in the cylinder from the simple rocking motion of the bike moving by pedaling?

Naw, 'clinks, clanks and clunks' are little pieces of other moving parts hitting while the bike moves.
Not hard to find with the motor off and a friend.
i dunno what kinda magic engine you have, KC, but with the clutch pulled in, my piston moves, gas still flows, motor still runs, plug still sparks... i think it's called "idling."

if the bike's rolling, and the clutch is pulled in, my chain still moves, which would mean my gears are still spinning, too. all of them.

aquileus, glad you're figuring out the noises and everything. as far as a front brake, i run drum brakes up front. keeps it looking vintage.
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