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Cool Re: Exploded view of HT

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Wow, chainmaker, your question made me realize something else that I lost on my computer at work when I retired. I had an excellent exploded view of the China Girl that I'd enlarged and enhanced with Photo Shop...Rats! Now I have no way to retrieve it and I don't remember where I got it originally.
I also lost my access to a complete machine shop...I guess there are costs to retiring, huh?
If another member supplies one please let me know. I'd like to have a copy.
Oooooh Maaaan... don't remind me about that retiring/loosing facility's thing... it just takes so long to do stuff by hand... i get frustrated... "if i only had a Bridgeport or a big drill press"
The animated clutch was great, I've been on the forum for over a year and must have passed it like a 1000 times, I'm glad i looked.

A few more thing I've always wondered about...
What does "HT" engine stand for?
What is the EXACT designation for the generic 66 cc Chinese 2 stroke engine most of us use? its not china girl.
And why do some STILL refer to it as an 80cc?
Any help?>

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