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Default Re: KC takes a spill...

Originally Posted by zean View Post
Thankyou KCvale for sharing your accident.
...I didn't realize how dangerous the sprocket and chain is.
... thankyou again for teaching me something I will use on all my builds: a chainguard.
I seen the doc today and have my leg back.
It will be a month before both spots are completely healed and the tummy is still a tad tender, I can ride and did today ;-}

When it comes guards all chain does is make you dirty, it is gear teeth that gra b you and the chain holds it in that bites you.

There are two bite points on this JS chain system.

Note I took a grinder to the cover to get almost 1/2 the chain width to fit under the motor now, but that still leaves it half out.

The guard on the chain ring is fine however. Max ground clearance, but enough to keep a sock or pant leg from getting bit.

My problem was the stock mount didn't stick out from the motor enough to get past the JS upper gear and chain back when the chain was 100% past and then some, so I modified it.
In short, I cut the case side piece to a circle, cut that in half, and glued all the pieces together.

Then beveled the edge and glued that to my clutch cover.

(cont. below)
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