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Default Re: Another newbie first build.

I was driving around my neigborhood, wondering why the bike is losing power at top speed, when the back tire start to rub the fender big time. This is what happend.

This happend on my way to work, the brakes were working fine, exept once, going downhill I was trying to reduce the speed, at one point the pedals went forward like five turns, then stop it, when I put my feet back on the pedals and try to brake everything worked normal. I thought maybe was brakes overheating, but no, coaster arm was not installed properlly. Aparently those few turns were the nut agaist the brake arm, and few chunks of the arm fall between the arm and the dust cap, the friction there eventually broke the dust cap and bearing.

Here is the front mount, I saw the idea here. The pixs was originally take it up side down and then rotated, that's why looks kind of funny.

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