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Default Re: Another newbie first build.

Thanks guys for all your comments and advices. Today I went to work in the MB, about 5 miles from my house, I forgot to check the gas level before leaving my house, and guess what? YES! I ran out of gas, just 1/2 mile of a gas station, no big deal.

What was really anoying me was the clutch arm, aparently is too loose and jumps out of the hole every 15 seconds, but I grab the clutch hand lever and hold it a bit enough for keeping in his place.

The engine is doing lot better with the needle adjustment, top speed is doing ok, sometimes lose power going down hill at top speed, but reading here I'll find out what's this about.

I'm having so much fun with my MB, before I used to complain a bit if my wife forget to tell me that we need milk or something before I gets home, now I asked her if wed need something to find another excuse to ride the bike again.
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