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Wink Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

What didn't I do to my motor bike today?

First off, I ran it into a brick wall at approx 15mph, then turned the forks around 180 degrees and ran back into the wall to straighten the forks back to their normal rake. Then I thought I'd test the new "thorn proof" tubes out by riding though a field of dried goat heads. The mission was a success in that I ended up with two flat tires.....thorn proof tubes 0.....goat heads 2. Bad score.

Next it was time for traffic play.....hmmm, what could possibly happen now? Oh let me see how it feels too rear end a parked automobile. Ouch.....bent the forks again, and flattend another tire. Could things get worse?

Next thing ya know......I woke up. It was just a reasonably bad dream. So all I ended up doing to my motor bike today is ride it......just like I do everyday!

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