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Default Re: Extreme Newbie Seeking Some Clarification

Just a word of caution. Don't expect the bike to pedal as it would without the engine kit installed. There is some resistance from the rotating mass of the gears and clutch parts, chain, sprockets and tensioner that you'll feel. Simply disengaging the clutch with the handlebar lever will not make the bike pedal freely. Be prepared for that. The only way to have free pedal movement would be to remove the engine drive chain. This isn't that hard if you use a master link in the chain but it can be a dirty, messy task.
You are correct in your assumptions regarding the use of gears. Most of us find a low gear ratio that makes it easy to pedal up to engine starting speed and leave the bike in that gear. I typically keep mine in the second gear (2) of a seven speed casset. I never change it.
You are also correct in your understanding of the shifter kits. They transfer power from the engine to the pedal chain whereby the gears (varying sprocket sizes) are in play.
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