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Default Re: Extreme Newbie Seeking Some Clarification

Welcome to the forum.
Let me see if I can briefly but accurately answer your questions and I'm sure you'll get several other responses.

1. Mounting a Morini to any bike will require some fabrication skills on your part. The components from a standard Chinese, sans the engine, will get you close but you'll still need to do some design work.

2. Shifting gears is not a necessity of a motorized bike. There are different ways to look at it. There are kits available that will allow you to use the bicycle pedal gears in conjunction with the motor however we don't recommend this to a first time builder or to someone with lean machanical skills until you become better accquainted with the mechanics of a motorized bike. A single speed cruiser will easily accomodate a motor. There is no requirement for a bike with gears (multiple speeds). The fact is that most of us do not use the gears we have. Once the motor is running, and for the most part, the pedals become just somewhere to put your feet.
The majority of the bikes built here use a standard clutch; something like the old in & out box that you would associate with early drag race cars. You pedal to get the bike up to a descent speed, something like five to ten mph, then let out on the clutch lever which engages the engine to the rear wheel. From there you just ride controlling your speed with a twist grip throttle like a motorcycle.
I hope this helps with some of your questions. There is a good rule to follow: For your first build try to keep things simple. Forgo the aftermarket performance parts and modifications that you might read about until you have a firm grasp on the basics. This will assure you are dealing with the least amount of potential mechanical problems. There'll be plenty of time later for go-fast additions and nicities like shift kits.
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