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Default Extreme Newbie Seeking Some Clarification

I am extremely new to motorbikes -- about 2 days -- and I've been trying to do as much research as possible, mostly here at this forum.

I am interested in building a motorbike, but I don't have any experience doing anything like this and I feel a bit overwhelmed and maybe like I don't have a good grasp of what I'm getting into.

I am basically interested in motorizing a Felt bicycle after doing some research about that. Most kits seem to be Chinese and there seem to be some quality issues or longevity issues. Morini engines from Italy are much better, but they don't come in kits and I would have to procure and figure out everything else on my own. Do I understand this aspect correctly?

I also don't think I understand how shifters work, either for regular bikes or motorbikes. I've only ridden single speed bikes I suppose. Are you manually shifting the gears up and down when you motorize or that depends on the set up? The NuVinci is a CVT for bikes? Like the one that Nissan makes for cars? Or is the Shifter kit something different the the NuVinci hooks on the wheel?

I read through a lot of different threads but a lot of it seems written from points of view that contain experience with the subject talking to others who have experience on the subject, so I'm very sorry if I shouldn't be posting this. I know how forums are when you ask something that may have been posted, you didn't search and you've only just joined.
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