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Default Re: Centrifugal vs. Clutch Engines

I think that everything in the pull starters has broken on someone at some point. I hear bad castings, the handle and rope snapping of, the starter pawls breaking and other things. If you made one with quality internals and a machined billet housing it could work (Creative Engineering or Pablo should really get cracking on a U.S. made starter ) But no, there is not a single one that is really known for good quality. Now to answer a different question, you can bump start a centrifugal clutch by jamming a ring of leather belt between the bell and the pads. This is dumb because you lose the entire point of it being a centrifugal clutch. And finally, in response to Sideshowbob, there are WAY more parts in a manual clutch than a centrifugal. Were it not for the bad quality of both the starter and clutch, this would be an EXCELLENT idea. Hope this helps
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