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Exclamation Re: Any reason these ideas wouldn't work?

I've ridden cheap and high end hubs if you can't get a grease cert on just drill a hole one quarter of an inch. leave it that way, no need to cover it I never did. This worked for all my years of peddling a good many! years. Now what you do with this hole is but up a piece of automotive fuel tubing to the hole then the other end to the grease gun. Works fine every time. I've put hubs together that had good alloy axles, I can tell rolling a hub by hand , and check end play if its fine. If its not brocken don't fix it! I donnot need any extra work! grease till the old stuff comes out, wipe the extra off the next few times you ride. It just takes a second your supposed to be looking over your bike anyway, unless one wants to regret bad suprises! last it takes a second set of paws to work a manual grease gun, I've managed it by me self both ways one has more cursing though.

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