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Default Re: oh the possibilites...

first.... do not go with number 2. I built one for my nephew and they make the worst motorized bikes. it would be fun for a 12 year old boy on the weekends, but that's it.

IMO I would try to find a bike like # 3, but without the motor. find a nice fresh, comfortable used bike for at least $100. I say buy used because if you look hard enough you can find a really good quality bike for cheap. don't get tempted and buy a wal mart bike because it's easy and it's there. the components are garbage and will fail eventually.

install the kit ypurself. you can do the job with a few simple hand tools over a weekend. that way you can familiarize yourself with the kit for when it needs adjustment or breaks altogether.... something will happen, it is inevitable and you should know how to fix it.

two pieces of advice if you are interested...

buy a good quality bike with a multispeed deraileur, and a grubee 80cc kit to go with it. don't buy any other chinese 2 stroke kit but the grubee.

go to sick and familiarize yourself with their products. get an hd shifter kit to go with the deraileur.... also get a fuel petcock, spark plug, plug wire, fuel filter, and air filter. the stuff that comes with the kit are garbage and will only cause problems.

I don't mean to sound picky... but, if you are going to build a hobby bike to putt putt around your neighborhood that's one thing. building a commuter to travel long term and in traffic is a totally different thing. you need to be very picky about quality. there is a lot of junk out there in terms of both bikes and engines.

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