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Default Re: Tires & tubes Constant Failures

do you have a I call it a rim protector in place? Its made of rubber and goes around the rim. In case you don't and even if you do a couple of wraps of electrician's tape around the rim will help to keep the tube from getting poked by the spoke nipples. Check the rim for sharp spoke nipples by running a fine cloth aka pantie hoses around the rim to check for snags if you find one sand or file it smooth. when you install the tire and tube on the rim make darn sure your not pinching the tube at the valve stem get the tire on the rim and then push the valve stem almost into the rim and then gently pull the stem back enough so you can air it up inflate then let the air out then inflate it again this will help to get the kinks and twists out of the tube baby powder the inside of the tire and tube to slick it up before mounting will help.
There's some things you can try. I inflate my tires to the max which on my bikes is 60 psig.
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