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Default Re: Any reason these ideas wouldn't work?

Started on the clutch today. The small machine room had too much on their hands so I grabbed a few files and started shaving. I started with a 10mm(.394) tapered alignment dowel. The top end is pre drilled and tapped, but decided to go with a welded arm. It had roughly .04 taper which I thought would be good for taking out the slop. I only had the new clutch, cam and a pir of calipers, didn't think to bring the cover with me as I was counting on mills and lathes to get it done. Took me about 6-7 hours total using standard flat files, a square file and a 3 sided taper file for the retaining groove. I apologize about the quality of the pics my dig. cam appears to have taken a dump for no reason. Had to use my cell phone.

First 2 are comparisons of the Factory new and my reincarnation:

This pic shows the cam and a new arm I am going to have welded on. I am using the 10mm arm from an old mag base I saved for some reason. Now I know why. I'm actually going to taper the top of the cam so the arm leans slightly for better alignment to the cable:

Last picture is very hard to see. This is the original clutch cam. The shiny part that you can see on the end is actually rounded about .050 on the flat edge. Clutch would stick while disengaged and also would slip causing it not to engage:

All in all it was fairly straight forward, I did have to file out some of the taper once I was able to put it on the bike and the retainer groove was tricky to keep it even with a file. But once I got it to go in freely it fits like a glove. Freely twists but has very little side to side slop. Grabbed it with the channel locks and engaged/disegaged the clutch normally. Tomorrow I'm going to have it welded and drill/slot for the cable. Should be back on the road by 6pm. If something does go wrong, I have a new clutch cam and arm so no harm no foul, but don't think that will be an issue. Think I'll find a steel rod replacement for the clutch actuator rod, ball bearing hopefully should already be steel.

Sorry for the long post and quality of pics. I'll try to borrow another cam tomorrow.
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