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Default Tires & tubes Constant Failures

Ok , I'm new to the motorized bicycle world. Just put one together. Problem is I keep blowing rear tubes. I'll give a little info. My weight is 220 I'm 6'2. Using a 26 x1.75 tire for clearance of chain. Aired tires to specs on sidewall of tire 40lbs psi. Had three blowouts all within 2miles. Got tired of this and put in airless tubes. They feel horrible,like they a squirming on the rim constantly. So what is a very durable tube and tire combo that I can use to enjoy riding instead of pushing a bike with a flat every time I go out for a ride. Are there higher pressure combos that will fit on a Shwinn Cruiser type rim. Thanks
in advance for your input.Sure would like to enjoy this ride a little before summer goes by.
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