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Exclamation please help.. locking screw is stuck..

my locking screw that is next to my flower nut is stuck and it will not come out.. i tried like ten different big and small screw drivers and started to strip it so i had to stop.. i need to adjust my flower nut or get new pads and without that screw coming off i can not get at the pads. my clutch slips while i ride like it is not fully engaging i think ... when i let my clutch handle all the way out..

when i let the clutch handle out to drive it.. i hear zzezzissp and then it sometimes catchs and stops but the fact it that it is making me go really slow .. like i have to peddle the bike faster just to get the thing to go quicker then the bike is is supposed to go.. my motor used to go so fast that no matter how quick i peddled it would not move the bike quicker then the engine was going... i need help and hints or tips on how to fix this problem.. have you ever had this problem before
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