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Default Re: KC takes a spill...

Thankyou KCvale for sharing your accident. I'm working on receiving my engine kit with phone calls and e-mails. The lull in the action of assembling and riding has giving me extra time to read threads like yours which, in this case, I find extreemly helpful. Your fall was sudden, shocking, unexpected and you hit the ground hard. When I experience a similar situation I pray that I can handle it half as professionally as you. You did an excellent job of using your right arm and neck muscles to keep your face and head from hitting the ground, and you kept your cool after the accident. I didn't realize how dangerous the sprocket and chain is. I'm sorry to say this but what if your stomach fell against the right side of the jackshaft and that sprocket and chain removed your guts. I sincerely thankyou again for teaching me something I will use on all my builds: a chainguard.
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