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Default Re: Another newbie first build.

Thanks guys for all your comments. This morning a woke up early to play with my new toy. The weird noise comes from the outer clutch plate. I remove the gear case cover with the engine idling and holding the clutch hand lever, I put my hand in the outer clutch plate and the noise gets way better. I adjust the flower nut till was enough, the noise get a little better but still doing the noise. (I'm already getting used to).

So, this morning I went to get few groceries in the MB, is not runing to well yet, is weak going up hill, and takes a bit long to reach top speed. I believe is an air leak on the carb or the gas/oil mixture, I did about 20:1. I'll put an O ring in between the carb and the intake and change the mix 32:1.

Few small bolts came loose after the first ride, which I already take care with locktite. Vibrations are not too bad, (I guess since I never ride an motorized bicycle before)I feel some at high speed, but nothing hard.

I notice the rear sproket is like 1/8 out of center, when the chain gets more tension between the sproket and the engine, is when the outer clutch plate sounds sounds. I'll be working on that today and see what happens.

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