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Default Re: New and Inexperienced :D

Originally Posted by Ryanp View Post
Well i think its been a week. i took my bike out for a ride a few times during the week and for some reason it let me go full throttle and i felt a serious power increase from the last time i rode it. I did nothing to it. Maybe the engine is breaking in? But i still think you guys are right about my carb. im going to check the plug soon. for some reason, my engine is very inconsistent. for instance if im on a flat surface riding at a constant pace. ill feel a satisfying vroom followed by a few bogging sputters, then back to the vroom, this repeats throughout the whole ride.
Hey Ryan, I think that sputtering may be what is referred to as 4 stroking. Sounds like your engine is running a little rich. I would leave it that way for break in for now. It may be just right after break-in.
It is safer to run a little rich during break-in because rich mixture=cooler running. Also means less power and economy.

After a few tanks of gas, If it's still sputtering(4-stroking) a lot at high speed, you can work on leaning it out some.
I usually always try to keep the mixtire adjusted to where I get just a little 4 stroking at high speed,so I know that it's not too lean to cause damage when I run the sheet out it LOL or hafta climb a long hill.

To get an accurate plug reading you need to do a plug chop.
Run it hard at high rpm for about a munite, then immediatly and simontaneously chop the throttle,pull the clutch and press the kill switch, and coast to a stop.

DON'T try to remove the plug,or mess with any fasteners on an aluminum engine while it's hot! Good idea to use anti sieze lubeon the plug threads too. But beware that with thread lube,,versus dry threads, that you need to use less torque when tightening things to avoid stripping threads.

I normaly run walmart 2-stroke oil at 50-1 in all my 2-strokes, ultralight planes included, but any oil rated TCW-3 is good. Some of them are 20 yrs on this mix. Never had any problems with wear or carbon buildup.
When I open up a recently run engine ran on 50-1, there is always a rather thick coating of oil everywhere inside, so I don't see any reason to use more than 50-1 oil in my mix,except for break-in. I use 32-1 for that.

This is just my experience, YMMV
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