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Default Re: KC takes a spill...

Sorry to hear about your mishap. The graft from your stomach reminds me of an in law I had many years ago. He was a young fellow working in a gas station and slipped on grease in the work bay, reached up to catch himself on a rack of tires and missed, but did catch the high school graduation ring on the rack... ripped the flesh right off the ring finger. Hurts just thinking about it. Anyway, they grafted flesh and skin from his stomach to make the finger more or less normal again. The trouble was that Neal had a tendency toward being over weight and the stomach flesh grafted to his finger would gain weight, too, getting fat. Every few years after that he had to have surgery again to shave down that finger. Weird. So I guess the moral of this story is to limit the beers or tacos or something else you get a paunchy spot on yer leg. Heal up, Bud.
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