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Default Another newbie first build.

Ok! Today is start to install the engine kit, took me longer that I thought, about 8 hrs. First the coaster brake arm dilema, then the engine front mount, (I welded a piece of steel in the frame and $1 suspention bushing with a bolt and nut eh voila!). The chain too close to the tire and the fender, and few other common problems. But after all, I start the engine and ride the bike a little.

At the moment what really worries me is a strange sound in the engine, sound nice then if move the bike one inch foward or back (holding the cutch all the time) do a sound like some metal touching something, but if move another inch farther then sounds quiet and nice again. There's one way to fix this strange sound tomorrow this is: the search buttom, a big cup of coffee and a lot of reading here.

The engine is a Daemon bought on ebay. Almost all the parts are spay painted metallic black and metallic antique red, used to be a very rusty bike, one pedal still rusty cause I forgot to painted.

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