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Default Re: Broken Clutch Cable????

sounds like you did a pretty thorough job of trying to eliminate all the problems.

one thing to consider, is the cable itself is a piece of junk.

for a few bucks more, you can buy a high quality brake cable and housing from a bike shop or online and cut it to fit.

i use Jagwire Ripcord cables on my bikes. if you buy online, especially ebay BE CAREFUL of who you're getting it from. i bought some from taiwan that were 10 bucks with shipping, and they were just lousy cables with "jagwire" printed on them. i later found there's like 10 different overseas manufacturers all claiming to have them. make sure you get it in the yellow and black Jagwire blister packaging if you go that route.

also, you can buy a standard brake cable and housing from a real bike shop (NOT walmart) for a coupla bucks, and it's still better than the stock ones. you can see the difference in thickness.
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