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Default Re: Analog vs Digital

i love the look of analog speedos, but at the speeds i'm going, they don't last too long.

i have one on a pedal cruiser that's been working fine for 10 years or so, but i've destroyed a few on motorized bikes.

they seem to hang well if you don't go over 30-35, but at constant speeds over 40, the gears just don't hold up, probably because they're made outta plastic.

i've killed 1 NOS Stewart Warner Cadet from the 50's, and 2 NOS SW's from the 70's, and one used SW off an exercise bike.

i've seen VDO and Stewart Warners made for minibikes that top out at 60mph, with the same cable-type setup as a bicycle, so if i score one cheap off ebay i'll see if i can have it calibrated.

one of these days i'll get a digital one and incorporate it into a bike so it's mostly hidden. it just looks out of place on a (mostly) 70 year old bike.
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