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Default Re: Gas prices are going up

Originally Posted by oldsub View Post
What about the price of gas, there is a much high danger waiting to happen that will drive the price of gas above the availability to the human race. And nobody talks about this danger. First here some math.

1 US gallon = 3.79 liters
1 Imperial gallon = 4.55 liters
1 barrel of oil = 42 US gallons or 0.15899 cubic meters

Here are some daily usage of crude oil 2007;

US daily estimate (2007) 20,680,000 bbl/day X 0.15899 cubic meters = 3,287,913.2 cubic meters daily of space or 116,111,557.19 cubic feet of space

Worldwide daily estimate 2007 85,085,664 bbl/day X 0.15899 cubic meters = 13,527,769
cubic meters of space or 477,728,646.84 cubic feet of space

In (2007) we where generating 477,728,646.84 cubic feet of space per day under ground because of removing 85,085,664 barrels of oil per day. What fills or replaces the oil that is take from the ground. Oh they say to cover up, water. But that a little far fetched, and without going into details, hard to believe. No the days the oceans crack open or the morning you hear on the news, Saudi sank and under 10 feet of water. Believe me, oil will hit the roof.

SRY but lol !
The oil and gas is trapped in something called permeability and porosity and in no way shape or form is there ever a big pool of oil in the ground.
Mostly its small spaces cracks and fractures the contain the oil and gas and that is trapped by a caprock of impermeable rock that prevents it from coming to the surface. Yes we are removing large amounts of oil and has , but as a general rule as a Reservoir ages (oil and gas are removed or produced from) the oil and water cut increases . OLder = more water , the water is called produced water and it generally has a high salinity.
As old fields age the tend to produce more "produced water" so in truth the voids created by removing the oil are just replaced by high salt content water.
But ok if you think Saudi Arabia is going to sink into the red sea its ok but i wouldn't bet on it !

Nice math btw

Oh and they dont just say water , or produced water , its no lie , you can have a oil well produce 30000 bbls(at the start) of oil water back to 28000bbls water (produced) to 2000 bbls oil(@ the end).

No lie i have seen it happen , in fact if a greedy oil company tries to produce too much oil out of a well it can water back .

Hey oldsub is Victoria and hongcover still dumping all the raw sewage from the city's waste water system into the ocean?
Just asking

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