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Default Analog vs Digital

Analog or digital speedometer, which is better? Whats your preference and why?

I use a digital speedometer on all my bikes. The only ones I have owned are Schwinn's and I paid about $10 for them.

I have one that has been working since 2008 and I have only replaced the battery's once. Its been on every bike but the BoXer. And is currently used on the rockhopper.

I purchased the same speedo for the BoXer. That one stopped working very soon after I mounted it. But I bought another one and it so far is still working after being on the BoXer for over a year.

I like the ease of mounting the Schwinn's, but I have mounted other speedo's makers for others that took some time to program and mount correctly.

I also like the features that some digital speedo offer. Time, temp,stop watch, ect.

Never used a analog speedo on any of my bikes but have mounted one. It was fairly simple but I just like the compact size of the digital speedometer better.
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