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Default Re: Broken Clutch Cable????

Evening all;
Today I repaired the broken clutch cable. I shortened the exterior of the cable, which is made up of a woven single tin type metal, covered with a plastic rubber type of material. The construction of the other shell was quite interesting, and gave me quite a clue about why this cable broke. This engine has been only installed for a short time. In fact, it has not even used up its first gallon of gas. Here is what I discovered.

First this is my opinion, and if any one wants to point out any mistake I have made, please go a head. My theory is, "You learn from your mistakes, other peoples mistake and other peoples winning experiment." Hence this thread. Anyway here what I found, I had removed the broken steel wire from the other shell, and then soldered about 1 inch from the break, making sure the solder went all ways around, covering the strand completely. By do this, will stop the steel strands from springs apart or messing up after cutting it. Now using a good cutting tool, cut the wire on the solder, file the end down gently. Tried first to insert the wire into the outer cover, from the end which is hooked to the clutch handle on the handle bars. Would not go, and it did not take much to see why, the end was completely fouled up. So I used the other end, which had been hooked to the adjustment bolt and cut 1 foot off the other end. Got rid of the fouled up end. Greased the wire, and it went right to the end without a problem. And completed the job by raising the adjustment bolt, plus lined it up with the clutch lever. Seem to work Ok, with less pull etc..

This cable system appears to do the job, but once again its sure poor engineering. The brake system uses the same but there is a big different in the application.The brake handle on the handle bars, moves the brake pads to the rim, without using very little energy. Once the pads are on the rim, it takes very little movement of the handle to apply a great amount of pressure to the pads.

While the clutch system, moves the clutch lever from point A to point B. It takes a bit of energy, just to get the clutch lever to move and a greater amount as it approaches point B. While all the time compressing the clutch spring. The inside steel wire, feels the increase in energy and will start to rub and dig into the inter woven tin metal, sawing away at it each time the clutch is used. After making it out of shape, causing more drag until some where the wire breaks.

I blame the factory who has made the cables too long, I feel I'm much better off now, since the break, because I have shorten up all turns of the cable. Specially the section from the handle to bike frame, this now is 1 foot shorter. Going to be quite interesting to see if this solves the problem or stalls the problem. Take care all.
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