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Default Re: KC takes a spill...

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
It looks like you did the same thing I did about a year ago. Did you hit that low pedal on the ground?
Watch the video in slow motion.
I hit the gravel and dirt in transition from asphalt to concrete and the front wheel gave out and slid and down I went.

I wasn't really hurt at all on the ground with the bike on my left leg.
My right leg just came down on the still turning jackshaft gear and it caught my jeans leg.

You can see my trying to pull the leg up until the jeans filling sliced through.
I have that chunk of jeans I took out of the sprocket right here, with my flesh on it and everything, way creepy.

I use the kit chain guard when I can, but simply can't on this bike.
If you look, the pedal cranks are forward of the seat tube. That changes the angle from the 'mean gear' to the cranks so much the chain won't go under the motors clutch cover and had to go outside it.
The stock chain guard won't fit over it.

No biggie, fab time I can do while I can't ride unless I need supplies for it.

That's what bites the most.
I could do 'this' if I had 'that', but no way to get 'that' myself.
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