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Default Re: KC takes a spill...

Thanks guys.
And I did it ride the bike home from the muffler shop with the new muffler on it before I went to the hospital.
All the wreck did to the bike was nick the seat and black box.
Originally Posted by give me vtec View Post
nice bike.... did the muffler shop make the expansion chamber too?
No. The Xchamber is SickBikeParts, I just mounted it different than the examples they show, and added my custom muffler to it.

She is named too. Bad Mojo. I made a sticker and put it right on the pipe this week. Seemed like a fitting name for the beast.

With the tricked out motor and NuVinci Dev Kit automatic transmission she just flat jumps up and goes quick, but and I can't ride it!!!!

That's OK for now.
It gives me more time for cosmetic details.

I'll let the belly stitches and graft heal for now.
Yes, it was a pretty sizable chunk out for a free 'tummy tuck', but it fit the wound perfect.

Spring is all but here in the desert now.
I mean come on, this a screen shot of the weather right now at 4:30PM at my house.

Perfect riding weather so I can't stay down long, and then I'll get some video and numbers.

Considering all the time and money I really need to enjoy it now ;-}
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