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Default Re: Broken Clutch Cable????

I certainly appreciate all the tips and information that the audiences has supplied. Yes, it makes the repair job much more interesting. I have on this bike, removed the clutch lever from the shaft and moved it in, towards the large bolt or adjuster. The reason for this, when using installed factory setting, the end of the cable always caught your pants etc, while pedalling the bike.

Because my wife suffers badly from arthritis, which really makes it hard for her to pull the clutch with her hand. Was considering to maybe lenghting the clutch lever a slight bit, as to offer more leverage to the shaft. At the same time, maybe curving the extension a bit, to bring it inline with the adjuster more.

Because the break is very short, I think I will beable to take some of the lack out of the cable, and cut the outer piece to exposing the bare cable again. This will save me buying a cable setup. It seen I read someplace how to replace the furler (I think that what the metal piece on the black outer cable is called???). This would be nice if I could do this. It would be like shorting a complete cable piece.

Once again, I thank all again for your input, and please keep them coming. Nothing like gathering up all ideas and improvement to do a repair job.
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