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Cool Re: Glad I found you!

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
It isn't offset, just down the middle. I've experimented with bolt on and welded mounts of the same design. The advantage of the bolt on is that it can be moved to another bike...of the same frame measurements, obviously.
We've high jacked this thread but maybe it will serve a purpose of education, if not just displaying what different minds can do to solve a problem.
By the way, that bushing is a very stout item. No resiliency you can discern. It's hard as a rock
Have a good ride.
I dont mind if its moved if you dont... lol
The bolt on job looks good as well, and its got the advantage of NOT having to repaint, a big plus if your selling these bikes.
Where do you get those rubber bushings? I'd like to order a few.
Motor mounts are important, lets take it to the tech threads.

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