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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

Originally Posted by timboellner View Post
Your tank build has surely been an inspiration to me and has me really thinking about building my own, just to see what I could come up with.
I have been a sheet metal mechanic for quite awhile now and have done and seen some pretty wild sheet metal creations way beyond ductwork.

This morning I found some pretty nice size pieces of copper sheeting in the
shop I work out of. I would guess it's about 24 gauge thickness.
Since we have a bending brake, rollers, lock formers, etc, I just need
to sit down and draw up something do-able. I have more spare time than I do spare money. I want to build an above the top tube design,but want tunnel on the bottom so it rides down below the top tube much like a motorcycle tank does.
I'm sure our shop man will have his 2 cents to pitch in, he can make anything that can be drawn up, but I want to do this one myself.
We'll see I guess. Usually my big ideas become a passing daydream.

Thanks for the creative and unique hand crafted projects you always bring to this forum. It always keeps thing fresh around here...

Time but no money or money but no time...
I know the feeling well...
Don't let that hand made gas tank become a passing daydream, especially since you have easy access to metal working machines.
Sit down and start drawing instead of sitting here on line if you can.

I've been making my own mufflers and parts for for years and it started just that way, but I did it at first with simple hand and power tools.

If you can dream it, build it... or learn how.
Back when I was a kid in Mr.Tang's 7th grade metal shop, I thought to myself...that's great... I know how to make a dust pan and a tool box, little did I know that 40 years later id be using those skills. Thanks Mr.Tang, wherever you are.
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