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Originally Posted by toojung2die View Post
I'm laughing out loud guys. Thanks for the concern and suggestions. All ideas are welcome.

I did my homework before putting it together. I don't have to worry about the fender brackets breaking off or coming loose. There are no fender brackets on this bicycle. The fenders are bolted to the frame with a fender washer and red Loctite. I read the horror stories about fenders but I gotta have'm.

There is rubber between both my motor mounts and the frame but it's there for a better fit, not vibration dampening. That's hard neoprene. The engine is solidly mounted and there's no motion between the bicycle frame and engine block. Everything I may want to remove in the future got blue Loctite. Hardware that is mission critical got red Loctite (like engine mounts). Stock screws were replaced with socket head cap screws.

The weakest link I see is the stock chain tensioner. It's no longer on the pedal chain and moved to the engine drive chain because the drive chain was too close to the chainstay. I have the four bolt ball bearing type but I trust it less than the fenders. Since I can weld I'm going to make one like this:

Dont worry about it toojung2die, we do this sort of thing all the long as its polite ... hey no harm done we here all have our own way to do things, that's the part I enjoy.
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