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Cool Re: Glad I found you!

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
That looks familiar. And here is an engine mount that looks a lot like yours but without the rubber.

These are both my designs. Neither have ever given me any problems.
As for the comparisons' with a four stroke motorcycle engine from the other member...
These are not four strokes but two stroke and single cylinder...
A 2 stroke single cylinder engine inherently produces a vibration due to its lack of an opposing pulse producing cylinder/piston/mass and even when the rotating components are 'balanced' there will be a harmonic pulse, (vibration) felt and experienced by the assembly it is bolted to. There have been efforts to 'balance' the crankshaft/piston in these engines which have proved to have marginal success.
Nevertheless, builders have experimented with variouis ways to eliminate or reduce the vibration felt in the frame/handlebars of bikes equipped with the Chinese 2 stroke engines. Yes, there are some quality control issues with our engines but they are not the culprit. The problem is the inate fact of physics that can not be changed.
If you want to soft mount your engine, by all means...go for it. Just have the courtesy to come back here and let us know when your fasteners/engine casting fails.
Thats a sweet mount 2door, is it off set any left or right... low in the frame, simple, effective, looks good... nice work.
The shop I work at prefers bolt on front mounts due to the ease of manufacture
Looking back at the shops records, I've built 27 china girl based bikes for customers both left side sprocket and right side jack shaft drives... only one ever came back with a cracked mount, and it had been crashed.
I've tried many different types of front mounts, single sided ones like yours and double sided ones.

Thats the beauty of out sport/art/hobby theres LOTS of room for interpretation and other ideas besides our own.
Doing it my way...
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