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Default Broken Clutch Cable????

Much to my surprise, riding my bike with a very new 66/80 Skyhawk mounted and running. Pulling on the clutch, the cable broke. Would say, about a 3 inch or 4 inch piece still hooked to the clutch lever.
Now I always, frowned every time I looked at this clutch arrangement. Wow, the most ugliest piece of engineering one could ever see. From the handle to the engine, no problems, but around the engine to the clutch lever, where the most pull on the cable exsist, it has to make very sharp turns. Oh well thats Chinese engineering for you.

Reason for this thread, other than letting off steam. Did anyone else have the same problem, re "broken clutch cable?" Is this a common problem, if so I guess I better re-design it, should not be that hard. Don't want to buy a new cable, if this happens every month. Waiting to hear any possible solutions.

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