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Default Re: Magizine

Nutton like putting a lil pressure on me Skarrd. (LOL, kidding buddy)

I was actually thinking along those lines and really want the first issue to be really well done, written and to have a cover worth framing. Now we just need some one else to do it, to achieve all that, snork.

Been thinking, cover a China girl on a cruiser frame (first issue, as I posted. I really like that pic but am open to suggestions) Adding a sort of high tech and uber cool stuff. BA's trike and Fish's steam drive. I want to strike a balance between the casual/hobbyist builder and the high end tech wise builders.

Just typing out loud so forgive me for rambling. Decided to do a calender centerfold. Pic sideways of a motorized bicycle on one page with a calender on the following.
Will setup some of the web and erader stuff tomorrow.
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