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Cool Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I installed and tested my new homemade spring chain tensioner. did 16 miles of rides with no failures which is always great. It seems quieter and has less vibration at high speeds (30) but tends to want to slap or hop around more when decelerating or downhill. This seems to make me clutch and then idle down to whenever I can unclutch and renegage to drive line. As long as I clutch the drive, it slows down fine with no chain hop, and I bet this will increase my milage from letting or forcing me to let it idle down when stopping. Overall it works fine but the driveline dynamic is just different because the chain runs much looser than with a regular stationary type tensioner. It seems to pull uphill fine with no bad vibrations or wanting to hop off when under full load with throttle uphill. Goes right up most at 25 with throttle to spare. I will have to ride it more to decide if I like it and it stays.

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