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Default KC takes a spill...

Nothing to it really...

I was getting a video in the muffler shop parking lot of my bikes Expansion Chamber with the stinger off before I put my new custom pipe on.

I hit a patch of gravel in the turn and went down.

Sure the fall hurt a little, but I didn't have a chain guard over my Jackshaft top gear and it caught my pant leg. You can see in the video how I am fighting to get my right leg free.

That was a little worse.

I got a pretty good sized skin graft.
They took a chunk of flesh out my abdomen.
The surgeon joked I got a free Tummy Tuck, ya, like I needed one.

The whole story with more pics is here KC's Kruisers - Motorized Bike Forum - KC's Nasty Bike Spill

I did however tough it out and stayed at the muffler shop until they got the new pipe mounted and then rode it home before I went to the hospital and I think it turned it pretty well.

My seat and black box took a hit in the wreck, but other than those cosmetic things she rode home fine.

Note I named her after the crash.

It will be another week at least before I can ride again, I am still on crutches, but I'll get a video of how she sounds with the new pipe.
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