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Default Re: a little help for a newb?

[QUOTE=kingofgreens;255133]...I guess what I want to know is if I plan to ride this unit to work 23 miles round trip every day, What kit should I get & where should I look to order it?


I gave this careful thought, and about all I can say - for what it's worth: get the kind of engine that YOU are most comfortable with, that you won't mind working on too much. Some of us here are die-hard two-smokers, some adore the four. But we each tend to really stick with what we know best, and that's how we get better at maintaining them and dealing with the engines unique quirks.

As to where to buy: for the most part the companies who advertise to your left and right on this page are generally pretty good about customer service. I have dealt with DAX and Pirate (and Spooky Tooth -*sigh*) and can recommend them (except for the extict Spooky Tooth, I'll miss that site). SBP too. Most are very good about making sure you get what you paid for, and that it works. Try to pick a vendor who'll stick by you, and back up what they sell. Good customer service can pay for itself in the end.

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