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Default Re: Master Links

I threw a chain when the master link came apart a couple of weeks back- luckily I was only a block from home. and I think it was because the sprocket nuts in back had loosened and the sprock was not lined up.

I'm not giving it another chance and joined the chain together with a chain tool.

I was going to post a thread "Don't buy this chain tool" because I got a really nice looking thing on ebay for $23 a couple years back, but found that while it would take the chain APART- it had no backing plate behind the chain for putting it back together- still don't have a picture- lots goin on.

My solution was found when I took an old Bell chain tool, YES the cheap $6 kind from wal-Mart, which normally a 415 chain WON'T fit inside

But because it had already broken off one of the inner chain guide support plates on the inside of the tool, I completed the process and stripped it clean with needlenose pliers-

and know what? It works great now with a 415 chain! It fits inside and also backs the chain for re-pressing the pin.
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