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Default a little help for a newb?

Hello all. I'm planning on doing a build & wanted to ask some questions before I stared spending some loot.

I plan to use an old moantain bike bike I have. It's Huffy Helix (from the early 80's I think)

It has a nice sturdy steel frame & 26" wheels.

I want to get a kit & try to do the build for 200 - 300 USD if possible.
I live in Florida so hills aren't an issue. I think I'd rather have a 4 stroke for reliability & the fact that I think they'd be much quieter, but a quatliy 2 stroker would do the job as well. I Have good mechanical skills & a fair ammount of small engine knowledge.

I guess what I want to know is if I plan to ride this unit to work 23 miles round trip every day, What kit should I get & where should I look to order it?

I'd like to get everything I need in in 1 shot so what should I look for & beware of?
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