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Default Re: Dollar general 2 stroke oil

Originally Posted by bitsnpieces View Post
5/8 (16mm) SP
13/16 (21mm) SP

That's what they say on my spark plug removers.

Terry told me that the spark used was a 3/4.

My question at hand is, does that mean I need to get my spark plugs internationally? Or will the Australian ones still fit, just requires a different sprocket size to get them in/out?
dude here in the states we use whatever fits bust our nuts bolts threads are made everywhere i have standard and sae and i never worry about mm size just find one that fits tight and use it im sure you have a 2 dollar mower plug remover that will work fine intact 3/4 plugs are only common on mowers and outboard's over here and as far as i know my bikes take a 3/4 on every plug which is only 3 so far Ive used 13/16 will work fine 12/16 is 3/4 just my 2 cents
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