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Cool Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Where did we leave off last?... ah yes, Dan was joining the first side to the long top piece. In the next to last photo of this post he is tacking the pieces together at intervals to hold it tight, else the spring of the metal wants it to have a gap. Once tacked together he then goes back to run a continual bead across that run. In the final picture he has wiped the tip of the soldering iron against the sponge and is now dragging it across the block of sal amoniac, recharging the iron with flux so that it will again accept the solder. On the longer runs you can see how Dan holds the solder so that it continually recharges the iron making it possible to run a continual bead on the tank. Pretty cool.
I remember back in 7th grade metal shop they had us make dust pans from soldered tin... the flux was a liquid, applied with a small paint brush, and the solder was in ribbon form that we had to painstakingly cut to exact size and put it together piece at a time(3 pieces) using a propane torch.
I was thinking id try the same method... hey, it worked 40 years ago and i still use that dust pan.
Keep posting please i want to see the finished piece.
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