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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I am sensing a little sarcasm there dan lol and I agree it is very easy to quit. One day I decided to quit and I quit and have not started smoking again this is the second time I have quit the first time I lasted 11 months and relapsed for 5 years but I rarely smoked more than 5 cigs a day it took me a while but when I wanted it enough it was just that easy I just quit. I think quitting smoking is like any other drug you just have to want it enough and have the will power to get through the withdraws. Now you wanna hear a hard one to get off of if you are a heavy soda or coffee drinker try quitting caffeine, I had many a restless night of sleep the leg spasms were the worst. I would really like to get my dad on those esmokes he smokes like two packs a day.

For as far as what I did to my bike to day hardly nothing except read about stuff about these great bikes oh yea and waiting impatiently for my new wheel to come in the mail maybe tomorrow I am craving a ride it has been almost two whole weeks. And a couple of days ago I put bar end grips but put them on so that they faced back towards the seat kinda made it look like those swoop back board tracker bars I want to fabricate me some kind of throttle and brake controls that all work independently of the setup I already have so that I can switch positions hmmm
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