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Default Re: Dollar general 2 stroke oil

All lies! :P

Just kidding.

I'm just waiting for my current jerrycan to run out as I've already pre-mixed it with 32:1 Valvoline so I can mix up some 100:1 Opti-2 oil instead.

That aside, the only way to know if the 50:1 is true I think is just to run it. Not a long run, but a decent one so the engine can burn some of it up. Then check the spark plug and see how it colours, whether too thick, or thin, or just right, the mix.

I can't do that at the moment for myself as I don't have anything to remove spark plugs from the states, only standard Australian sizes, so I need to hunt for one... which is annoying because I can't check how well my Valvoline mixes...
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