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Default Re: I'm still trying to wrap my head around these bikes

Originally Posted by Bluebeard View Post
My wife is a hardcore mountain biker and she will probably shame me if I showed up with one of these bikes one day (she's of the "no pain, no gain" camp) but the concept really intrigues me. So, say I had one of these motors on my santa cruz heckler (probably not an easy mount) could I use the motor as an assist to my hill climbing abilities? In other words, could I run the motor enough that I could still pedal, but the motor would be assisting the hill climb as I got tired climbing the hill by pedaling? I'm not so much interested in having a mountain bike-sized dirt bike, as I am interested in having something assist me on the ever so persistent all day long 35 mile, 6000 foot gain rides she likes to do (she is a 53 year old, trim, mountain-biking animal). So, in effect I could build up my strength as the motor was assisting the climb. And then at the top of the climb, I could turn the motor off and coast (and pedal) on the downhill, flats and small climbs? Do any of these motors have this capability? Also, is there any motor system that would fit on my Heckler which I could have a quick release on it, so I could take it off if we were riding in an area that I didn't feel I needed the motor assist?

Can I have it both ways?

Thanks, you guys are great!
definitely... try looking at a friction drive. it clamps down to the tread of the back wheel and can be unclamped and flipped up... out of the way when you don't want the motor engaged. it weighs about the same as a fully loaded rack full of equipment.

I highly recommend the 35cc rs motor.

it is available here. hope this helps.

FDR-335 Robin Subaru 33.5 cc 1.60 HP Four Cycle Engine Kit
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