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Default Re: My next custom build (maybe)

Hey Curtis. I had my machinist buddy turn them from some hex stock. I have them on all my bikes. The groove in them lets me slip the rear wheel onto a fork I have mounted on a 2X4, and the front wheel sets on the other end of the board and is held down by tie down straps fastened to a cross piece. This allows the rear wheel to be off the ground so I can sit on the bike to start it and dial in the carburetor. Makes it real easy to get it running correctly without pedalling my butt off and ending up a block away with a dead motor. These are 3/8-24 thread for Bendix hubs, and I have 11mmX1.0 on my bikes that use moped rear hubs. It takes me a while, but eventually I learn to make tools that I can use on future bikes.
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