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Default Re: motorized unicycle build

OK, I added an adjustable tailwheel to my projet. Is it now a trike??
The more stuff I add the less cool it looks. Changed main wheel to one with more and bigger spokes,and a better tire.

Drove it around some, right at dark again before it was ready. Used up all the adjustment getting the tailwheel a little lower. still need to lower it some more maybe. Prolly be OK with more practice.
Wheelied it a little to let it go back on the tailwheel to see how it works. More stable on the tailwheel than the nosewheel,just can't turn.

Nosewheel a little twitchy, easy to overcontrol. Goes into oscilating wobble at about 12 mph, due prolly to short wheelbase and not much rake angle.
's ok, I don't wanna go faster than that anyway.
Gonna change the 1 3/8 friction wheel(holesaw with teeth removed) to a 1" to have more throttle control at slower speed.
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