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Default Re: New and Inexperienced :D

Welcome to the forum. You've come to the right place for help and advice.

If you live in an area of steep hills and are not looking for high top speed, you might consider going to a little larger rear sprocket. A 48 or even a 50 tooth sprocket will give you a lower gearing and better hill climbing ability.
As for you current top speed these little engines will run and perform better after a few gallons of fuel. The break in time is when we recommend a fuel mix of 24:1 then after a couple of gallons moving down to a 32:1 mix. Do not use the 16:1 often recommended in the installation instructions. That's just too much oil.
To determine where you are as far as your fuel to air mix you'll need to determine this by reading spark plug color. You want it to be a nice chocolate brown color. Not black and not too light in color. Too dark will indicate a rich mix and that can be fixed by raising the clip on the carburetor needle a notch or two. If the plug shows light grey to white it means the mix is too lean. Lower the clip a bit. I'd wait until you have some miles on the engine before trying too many changes however. A well broken in engine will tell you what it needs better than one that is new. Good luck, ride safe.
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