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Default New and Inexperienced :D

I had no experience in mechanics at all and i thought, "hey might as well build a motorized bike", I installed a grubee skyhawk "80"cc on a cruiser and it turned out pretty well. Ive been looking at threads on this site for a couple days and just registered. while I have learned a lot, i still have a few questions if anyone could help me out. I live in an area full of up and down hills, I have a 44t sprocket and while i can tackle the hills the engine really strains and i have to give it some leg power and Im a lazy person.a shift kit is not an option for me and i was wondering if an expansion chamber would help me out on the hills. My max on a straightaway is about 20. The the engine bogs out at full throttle but i think it is just a cable problem. could my speed be a carb problem because it is at factory settings. Im really just shooting in the dark here and have no idea what im talking about so sorry if i sound like a total moron right now. Thanks for taking the time to read this and responding to a total noob's questions.
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